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Welcome to our website. We specialize in balloon art decorations for all types of party's and events.

Designs for arrangements are only limited by the imagination; whether you want us to design for you or if you have specific requests we will work with you to obtain the image your looking for.

We are a local business based in the Bridgwater area in the county of Somerset.

Supplying our local area is what we do best due to the limitations in transporting some of the larger displays: All enquiries are welcomed and we all ways try to go the extra mile.



Ballooning Great supplying Bridgwater and the surrounding areas with balloon art design to suit all your party needs.


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Thank you for your patience over the last few weeks.

The site has now been updated
If you follow the link to products, you'll be able to view the sideshows and see how we've been keeping our clients happy.

Thank you for continuing to

Ballooning Great.

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